Spice Guide

“ Spices are the life and soul of every Indian dish. They're what gives the food life and makes the flavours dance. My dad, and his dad before him, always instinctively understood this. That's why they always insisted on only buying the very best spices that they could find. And it's how we still work now. It's the only way that makes sense to us. It's also why my granddad worked so hard developing his spice pastes. It was a way of preserving in oil the flavours of just ground spices when they were still at their freshest.

Below you can find out more about the spices we use that are so crucial to giving everything we produce that authentically delicious taste of India. “

Anjali Pathak

  • Carom, Ajwain

    Carom, Ajwain
  • Cardamom, Elaichi

    Cardamom, Elaichi
  • Asafoetida, Hing

    Asafoetida, Hing
  • Chillies, Mirch

    Chillies, Mirch
  • Clove

    Clove, Laung, Lavang
  • Cinnamon, Dalchini

    Cinnamon, Dalchini
  • Coriander Seed, Dhania

    Coriander Seed, Dhania
  • Cumin, Jeera

    Cumin, Jeera
  • Curry Leaves, Kadi Patta

    Curry Leaves, Kadi Patta
  • Black Onion Seed, Kalonji Seed, Nigella Seed

    Black Onion Seed, Kalonji Seed, Nigella Seed
  • Fennel Seed, Badi Saunf

    Fennel Seed, Badi Saunf
  • Coriander Leaves, Cilantro, Hara Dhania

    Coriander Leaves, Cilantro, Hara Dhania
  • Fenugreek, Methi

    Fenugreek, Methi
  • Mace, Javitri

    Mace, Javitri
  • Mustard Seed, Rai

    Mustard Seed, Rai
  • Paprika

  • Saffron, Zafraan

    Saffron, Zafraan
  • Star Anise, Badayan

    Star Anise, Badayan
  • Turmeric, Haldi

    Turmeric, Haldi
  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper