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Back to School

Back to School
There is no busier time than back to school. We want to share our secrets to help you to feed your busy family a delicious dinner every night.
With our Sauces we have done all of the work of making a tasty dinner for you, simply add a few little extras for a meal that will keep the whole family happy. Check out these recipes for tasty dishes you can make in a flash.
Our Easy Chicken Korma has always been a crowd pleaser and this simple recipe only takes half an hour. When you're ready to serve garnish the dish with some chopper coriander and toasted almonds for a bit of zing and some extra crunch.
Tikka Masala is Britain's favourite curry and it never fails to get the family around the table. By adding shallots and cherry tomatoes to our Tikka Masala Sauce you can recreate an authentic curry in just twenty minutes. Try it tonight.
If your children have had a hard day back at school, you could always cheer them up with some Naan Bread Pizzas! Our Naan Breads work brilliantly as pizza bases and by mixing our Rogan Josh Sauce with a little yogurt you can create a tasty pizza sauce in seconds. Let them choose their favourite toppings and in just 30 minutes you will have brightened up their day.
We hope these recipes have given your some back to school inspiration. We wish your family all of the best for the coming school year.