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Bring Mumbai to your kitchen

Mumbai, a bustling metropolis on India’s west coast, is a city that loves to eat. Mumbai cuisine is not only delicious but layered with variety – it’s where flavours from all over India (and the world) collide. With such diversity, the city is home to dishes that boast rich, impressive flavours inspired by Mughlai, Parsi and Kerala cuisine – to name but a few. Take a chance and explore the exciting food that Mumbai natives enjoy daily by trying out our hand-picked recipes below – they won’t disappoint!

You will find chaat everywhere. It’s the ultimate grab-and-go snack for every Mumbaiker. These crunchy bites are typically made up of chaat masala spice mix, yoghurt, onions, coriander, mango powder, chillies, potatoes and much more. But, as with everything in Indian cuisine, no two chaats are the same; recipes are regularly borrowed, given family twists and re-invented. Our version of chaat is quick and easy to make. We take crispy samosas and drizzle them with mint, coriander, chutney and yoghurt and sprinkle with pomegranate. Crunchy, creamy and mildly spicy, with a zesty kick from our Lime Pickle: every mouthful is bursting with character, flavour and love. This dish will keep you coming back for more and more!
Moong Dal Pakodi

This popular snack is a roadside staple in Mumbai and we can’t get enough! These spicy balls are a bit crispy, a bit soft and a bit chewy – the perfect combination! We love to make our moong batter with our Madras Paste Pot to add a kick of heat. Although these do take a bit of time to prepare, you won’t regret making them. If you’re anything like us, when one batch is finished, you’ll already be whipping up the next!
Keema Pao

A highlight of any visit to Mumbai is a hot keema pao, one of the best treats you can get your hands on. This is comfort food at its finest: minced lamb, peas and a lot of spices, all served up on a fresh, warm bun – divine. Our recipe is full of flavour, tang and spice from our Rogan Josh Spice Paste. Keema is a popular breakfast dish – a testament to how delicious it is!
Parsi Prawns Patia

Mumbai is a coastal city and as such, seafood is an essential part of the local diet. Mumbaikers love fish in every form – from grilled to baked, in curries and even pickled! Our favourite is a traditional dish hailing from the Parsi community and one that our friend, Maunika Gowardhan’s family has cooked for decades in Mumbai. All the goodness of the spices comes from just a few tablespoons of our Balti Spice Paste, which flavours the patia with chilli, cumin and coriander. Serve with some fluffy rice, naans and chapattis for your week’s tastiest dinner.
Whatever you cook up, don’t forget some Mango Chutney. Mumbai and mangoes go handin- hand. Every April the city erupts in excitement with the arrival of the new season’s Alphonsos – the tastiest mango variety available. From the dizzying array of street food to home-style curries, you really need to explore the wonderful aromas, spices and flavours that Mumbai has to offer. So, start with these recipes – they will offer a glimpse into the wonders of this region and allow you to take a bite into real India. Tonight’s the time to bring Mumbai into your kitchen!

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Parsi Prawns Patia

The quickest way to get a delicious patia for your dinner has got to be with this gem of a recipe! This is a traditional dish hailing from the Parsi community and one that families have cooked for decades in Mumbai. All the goodness of the spices comes from just a few tablespoons of the Balti paste which flavours the patia with chilli, cumin & coriander. The addition of tamarind and a pinch of sugar gives you the perfect balance of flavour to this sweet and tangy dish. Prawns are quick to cook and make a delicious addition to this recipe.
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