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Mouth-watering Meat-Free Meals

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Whether you’re vegetarian or just cutting down on meat, Indian spices are the perfect way to add some aromatic flavour to your meat-free meals. After all, India is a veggie’s paradise, with a large population of Indian’s following a vegetarian diet.

Our favourite meat-free dishes are nutritious and simple.

Chickpea Curry is a filling, easy to make and tasty meal. Chickpeas have a lovely nutty flavour and are a great source of protein. This hearty recipe is bursting with the punchy spices of cardamom, cumin, fenugreek and paprika from our Madras Spice Paste.

Paneer is a staple of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Despite what you might expect from cheese, paneer doesn’t melt. So when it’s cooked it retains its texture and shape while taking on the flavour of the spices it’s cooked in. Try our recipe for spicy Paneer and Pepper Jalfrezi. The blend of coconut, coriander and spices in our Jalfrezi Spice Paste give the curry a rounded flavour while dried chillies give it heat.

If you’re looking for a veggie showstopper, try our Vegetable Biryani recipe. This dry rice dish is sealed with dough and cooked in its own steam, infusing the rice and vegetables with the aromatic flavours of tomatoes, peppers, coriander leaf and crushed chill from our Oven Bake Biryani Sauce.

Whether you are a strict vegetarian or would just like to add some veggie variety to your diet, spice is a great way to bring some excitement to a meat-free meal – and we’ve some recipes to tantalise your taste buds below!

Why not try some for yourself?

Our Chickpea Curry is quick, easy and loaded with flavour - chilli, garlic and 11 punchy spices from our Madras Paste Pot. There really is nothing more satisfying than this warming dish!

2 out of 3 Difficulty
3 out of 3 spice levels Hot
30 mins Preparation

Jalfrezi means hot stir-fry, this version combines Paneer and peppers with our Jalfrezi Spice paste and Chillies.

2 out of 3 Difficulty
3 out of 3 spice levels Hot
40 mins Preparation

This is a delicious Biryani (spiced rice dish) which is the perfect main meal and a classic Indian restaurant favourite. 'Dum' refers to a slow cooking method. The ingredients are placed in a pot, with dough being used to create a tight seal and prevent steam from escaping. The steam helps the spices to infuse the rice, and creates a wonderful aromatic flavour.

3 out of 3 Difficulty
1 out of 3 spice levels Mild
1h 5m Preparation
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