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Our Heritage

Our Mild Curry Paste is expertly blended using our special mix of spices, crafted from our original family recipe. With our Pastes, you can prepare dishes full of authentic flavour, without any of the fuss. Grab a jar and get cooking to create a quick and

Slow Cooking Inspiration

Pot roasts, stews, soups and curries: all the one-pot-wonders we love to eat! But sometimes, it’s impossible to take the time to stand over the stove, stirring and simmering.

Patak's Chinese New Year

Over the past two centuries, Indo-Chinese cuisine has fused some of the world's favourite flavours to become a popular eat-out treat across India. To celebrate Chinese New Year on February 16th, we will be taking a bite out of some of the most sought-afte

Indian Street Food

On every street corner from Mumbai to Punjab, you will find an array of bustling food stalls filling the air with wonderful aromas.

Mouth-watering Meat-Free Meals

Whether you’re vegetarian or just cutting down on meat, Indian spices are the perfect way to add some aromatic flavour to your meat-free meals. After all, India is a veggie’s paradise, with a large percentage of Indians strictly following or regularly enj

Your Favourites with an Indian Twist

We all know that Patak’s Spice Pastes create authentic and flavourful curries. But did you know that they can also add a twist to your favourite dishes? See how Jamie Oliver uses Patak's pastes to create delicious meals in minutes.

Meals Worth Sharing

We love nothing more than getting the whole family around the table and Naan Bread and Pappadums are sure to get everyone sharing. Discover more fun ways to get the whole family involved.

Back to School

There is no busier time than back to school. We want to share our secrets to help you to feed your busy family a delicious dinner every night.

Ways to make a Great Curry

We all love curry and there are three main ways to make one (let us know if you can think of any others). This page gives you a brief overview on each method, so have a quick look, then go to our recipe pages and start cooking!

Britain's Favourite Curry

In the lead-up to National Curry Week (October 10th-16th) we wanted to better understand Britain’s love of curry so, we asked which curries you crave most.