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Patak's Christmas Inspiration

Spending time with friends and family is our favourite part of the festive season. Whatever festive feast you are preparing, there’s room to spice it up and add some Indian flavour.

We use our expertise in spice blending to create festive recipes full of the flavours of aromatic spices from our Madras, Korma and Jalfrezi Spice Pastes -­ exactly what you need to prepare a festive feast or create something delicious with your leftovers.

Whether you want to ditch the turkey sandwiches for Boxing Day or add a spoonful of creativity to your Christmas meal, these recipes will get the whole family excited about Turkey.

If you fancy a Christmas meal with a difference try our Turkey Steaks with Jalfrezi Sauce served with Cumin Potatoes. The marinade made from our Jalfrezi Spice Paste and a few fresh spices will have your taste buds tingling!

Turkey curry is a leftover staple in most houses, but our recipes for Turkey Madras and Turkey and Apricot Korma will kick the flavour up a notch. Both curries are simple to prepare and perfect for feeding a crowd.

Traditionally in India, an array of food is served in the centre of the table and everyone helps themselves. We couldn’t imagine a better way to get everyone sharing and talking around the dinner table. Serve your curries with delicious Naans, Pappadums, Pickles and Chutneys to make a feast your family won’t be able to resist.

Our family love all of these recipes and we have many happy memories of the times we have spent cooking and sharing them. We wish you and yours a flavour-­filled festive season!

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